why monday wave on my blog

My mentor (colleague who turn friend) started this thing called Monday Wave. We will post anything of motivational topic on CSC facebook group.

It was a committment to start this going and I hope to keep a copy here to remind myself of the words shared. I dream to write a book when i finish my undergraduate. I have many ideas like writing my mum life story or even a children book but I have decided to collate Monday Wave and turn it a book.

To give than to receive


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FB Log 1

Decided to start this log for the meaningful words posted in fb wall. Here’s Log 1

All our eyes have a focus point. It auto focus at different angle. We see things differently. It’s good to open up our eyes to see with a heart on what is happening around you. You will be surprised what you will gain from all this experience. Don’t live with your eyes and heart close, the world is still beautiful!

22 Nov 2011


the more I want to do it correctly, the more mistake I made and the more demoralised. How to meet the level of expectation?


有想法,没勇气实施 – 等于废啦!!




我相信未来会更好。就因为单纯的相信,给了我超大的力量。相信未来希望. I believe the future will be better. Because of the simple believe, gave me a large force. Hope. Believing there is hope in future.